Project CALM, or Confusion Avoidance Led by Music, aims to bring a safe, cost-effective, non-pharmacological intervention to hospitalized elders to reduce pain and anxiety to the post-operative setting.  By using personalized music to mitigate pain and anxiety, especially in those with cognitive impairment, we have a potential tool to prevent delirium in those at risk.  In addition to the medical implications that delirium brings to patients and their families, the consequential cost of delirium ranges from $16,000-$64,000 per patient. 

Music becomes an insular experience with headphones that seal out background noise in the hospital.  By making music personal, we aim to invoke positive memories and peaceful emotions that elevate the potential for the ancient soothing power of song.  Initially, our target will be patients participating in the Perioperative Optimization of Senior Health Program.  At their pre-op visit, we will introduce the concept, acquire their music preferences and load songs onto a music device.  After their surgery, use of personalized music will be incorporated into their care with the help of nursing assistants.  Married with current technology in the hands of patients utilizing personal music preferences, we have a powerful vehicle for person-centered care.  Personalized music is an intervention that is well-researched, durable, easy, and will remain relevant in years to come.