Cancer survivors frequently suffer from post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) symptoms as a result of their cancer diagnosis and treatment. The project goal is to conduct a randomized control trial of the Cancer Distress Coach (CDC) app among a national sample of cancer survivors and cancer caregivers. The primary aim is to determine whether CDC usage  influences symptoms of posttraumatic stress disorder and distress. We hypothesize that individuals who are randomized to the treatment arm will have lower PTSD symptom scores than individuals who are randomized to the wait-listed control arm at the end of the four-week intervention period.


DIHI Team Affiliates:

Jamie Daniel
Solutions Architect

Krista Whalen
Project Manager

Mike Revoir
Solutions Architect

Cancer Distress Coach Team:

-Sophia Smith, PhD, MSW, Principal Investigator

-Cristina Van Sant, BS, Clinical Research Coordinator

-Jinahong Chang, PhD

-Julia Hoffman, PhD, US Department of Veteran's Affairs

-Bridget Koontz, MD

-Eric Kuhn, PhD, National Center for PTSD

-Jonathan O'Donnell, MD


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