Professor Darzi holds the Paul Hamlyn Chair of Surgery at Imperial College London. He is an Honorary Consultant Surgeon at Imperial College Hospital NHS Trust Hospital and Royal Marsden Hospital. In October 2010 he was appointed as Director for the Institute of Global Health Innovation at Imperial College. In 2012 Lord Darzi took up the role of Chair, Imperial College Health Partners.

Research led by Lord Darzi is directed towards achieving best surgical practice through both surgical innovation and enhancing the safety and quality of healthcare. In recognition of his outstanding achievements he was elected as Fellow of the Royal Society, Honorary Fellow of the Royal Academy of Engineering, and Fellow of the Academy of Medical Sciences.

He was knighted for his services in medicine and surgery in 2002. Lord Darzi was introduced to the United Kingdom’s House of Lords in 2007 as Professor the Lord Darzi of Denham and appointed Parliamentary Under-Secretary of State at the Department of Health. He relinquished this role in July 2009. Under appointment (July 2009 – March 2013) as United Kingdom’s Global Ambassador for Health and Life Sciences Lord Darzi took an active international role in outlining and shaping healthcare policy. Lord Darzi was appointed as a member of Her Majesty’s Most Honourable Privy Council in June 2009.