March 23, 2017

Our DIHI Scholars are graduate students who are designing their own unique paths with the intention of enhancing their personal and professional experience in the fields of healthcare and innovation.  Malhar Patel is one of our 2016-2017 Scholars and here are some of his insights in regards to his time with DIHI.


Malhar Patel


-What interested you about Duke Institute for Health Innovation (DIHI) Clinical Research and Innovation Scholarship? Give some background about your interests/experiences so far in medical school (research and career)



I entered medical school interested in learning about health systems improvement, an interest that has  grown during my first two years of basic science and clinical training. In fact, a primary reason I chose to attend Duke for medical school was its flexible third year, which offered a unique opportunity for me to explore this interest. As I researched third year mentors and projects, I was drawn to DIHI, an organization with the influence to make large changes at Duke Health, but the small size and approachability to nurture strong development from its students and employees. This combination was too enticing to pass up, and I was fortunate enough to be selected as a DIHI scholar.




-Tell us about the DIHI Project you have been working on. (The project, your role, conferences/meetings, etc.)



I have worked on the Prostate Cancer Screening Algorithm and the Pediatric Complex Care Service Projects. Without wading into too many details, my work has involved analyzing data to understand baseline performance, drawing conclusions and building narratives to improve processes, and presenting those results to senior leadership. All of the folks and organizations I have worked with have been extremely friendly, eager to teach, and receptive to feedback.




-What has been the best part of the experience so far? (multidisciplinary team? impacting your career as a physician?)



The best part of the experience thus far has been the exposure to the nuts and bolts of the health system, providing a glimpse into how innovation is implemented in a health system from ground level and leadership perspectives.


For info about becoming a DIHI Scholar, please contact us!