March 06, 2017



DIHI Announces 2017 RFA Innovation Awards


March 1, 2017


The Duke Institute for Health Innovation (DIHI) has announced that it will support high-potential care delivery innovation projects in the areas of population health and analytics, novel patient interactions, new and team-based models of care, and optimization of patient flow. This is the fourth year that the institute has funded projects through a call for innovation applications (RFA) across Duke Health.

This year, DIHI has continued to broaden its scope and investments through the RFA process, supporting eight projects in 2017. Over 60 applications from across the university and health system competed for support. The innovation projects that won this year will receive funding support from DIHI in addition to project management support, access to data, analytics and visualization, and statistical support.

DIHI has also made investments in a technology framework to integrate data from digital technologies into the electronic health record and advancements to support mobile apps for iOS and Android platforms. Additionally, DIHI is continuing its DIHI Scholars Program, which provides third-year medical students with the opportunity to engage in research and innovation projects during their research year. It has continued to invest in the Duke Living Lab for Innovation infrastructure for testing new models of care as well as a core set of capabilities to drive successful implementation of innovation.


DIHI 2017 RFA Innovation projects and the principal investigators:


Reducing Emergency Department length of stay through population-based predictive modeling

Katherine Hobbs Knutson, MD, Ben Goldstein, PhD, and Fred Johnson, MBA


Dashboard for aggressive treatment among oncology patients at the end of life

Nrupen Bhavsar, PhD, David Casarett, MD, Yousef Zafar, MD, and Ben Goldstein, PhD


Optimization of perioperative care through machine learning

Sandhya Lagoo-Deenadayalan, MD, PhD, Mitch Heflin, MD, Erich Huang, MD, PhD, Katherine Heller, PhD, Madhav Swaminathan, MD, Annemarie Thompson, MD, Zhifei Sun, MD, Katherine Stanley, MBA


Pallialytics: Using analytics to inform a palliative care population health management intervention

Jonathan Fischer, MD, Eugenie Komives, MD, Cynthia Rudin, PhD, Leslie Calihman Alabi, Mark Sendak, Christina Crosby, Matthew Harker, MBA, MPH, Mary Schilder, Stephanie Brinson


Real-time cost transparency for providers and patients in value-based care environment

David Attarian, MD, Ben Alman, MD, Chad Mather, MD


Improving inpatient goals of care conversations

Kathryn Pollak, PhD, David Casarett, MD, Brian Griffith, MD



Rational coronary care unit triage for stable patients with NSTEMI

Alexander Fanaroff, MD, Tracy Wang, MD, MHS, MS, Kristin Newby, MD, MHS, Manesh Patel, MD


A population health approach to advance care planning in primary care

Azalea Kim, MD, MBA, MPA, Lawrence Greenblatt, MD, FACP, Lynn Bowlby, MD, Jared Lowe, MD


About Duke Institute for Health Innovation (DIHI)

The Duke Institute for Health Innovation (DIHI) catalyzes innovation in health and healthcare at Duke University and Duke Health through its collaboration platform for sourcing and curating real-world health care problems and incubating innovative solutions to create real impact for patients and healthcare systems. DIHI focuses on driving a culture and ecosystem for innovation through implementation and health delivery science, health technology innovation, workforce and leadership development, and applied health policy. For more information, please visit or contact:


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