The concept of a living lab for innovation is not novel to Duke, however DIHI’s approach may be. DIHI is taking the concept of a living lab for innovation which is a physical space set aside to test new models of care and we are implementing this concept with existing clinics within the Duke University Health System. These clinics are open to testing new models of care and DIHI is providing a set of core capabilities to aid in the success of the new models of care or the technologies that are integrated into the clinical workflow of the provider and/or patient. 

It is understood in DIHI that physicians and administrators are extremely busy so we set out to leverage and or create capabilities that can assist clinics in trying new things that can have a positive impact on patient care, access, and lowering the total cost of care. Aside from ensuring issues like governance are well established, these capabilities include access to data, analytics and visualization, project management,  measurement and evaluation (both clinically and economically), and the ability to disseminate the learnings from the innovation. 

The Duke Medicine living lab for innovation is something that can be utilized by industry to drive new technologies into clinics or aid in Duke University Health System’s focus on innovating in the care delivery environment. If you are industry and looking to partner in the living lab click here.  

Living Lab Projects