The Duke Institute for Health Innovation is excited to sponsor a limited number of faculty, trainees, or medical students to participate in The Duke Clinical Research Training Program (CRTP). This program is offering an expanded version of a course first introduced last year called “Implementation and Dissemination of Health Care Research” that will be taught by Hayden Bosworth. Participants would not need to apply to CRTP, would not be considered CRTP students, and would not receive academic credit for the course. At the conclusion of the course, a certificate of completion from CRTP & DIHI would be provided to each participant. 

If you would like to apply to be a DIHI scholar for this course, please send a short paragraph (5-7 sentences) via email to Will ElLaissi ( and Suresh Balu ( by end of day Friday August 25th describing your interest in the course and how you envision applying the knowledge learned.  Please apply only if you are able to attend the course regularly throughout the term. The course will meet on Wednesdays from 5:00-6:30pm starting on 8/30/17 and ending on 12/13/17.   A brief description of the course is provided below:

CRP 273 Implementation and Dissemination of Health Care Research

Director - Hayden Bosworth, Ph.D., Professor of Medicine

Implementation research (1) seeks to understand the processes and factors that are associated with successful integration of evidence-based interventions within a particular setting (e.g., a worksite or school), (2) assesses whether the core components of the original intervention were faithfully transported to the real-world setting (ie, the degree of fidelity of the disseminated and implemented intervention with the original study), and (3) is also concerned with the adaptation of the implemented intervention to the local context.  This course provides an overview of methods for undertaking research and program evaluation within health services organizations and systems. A particular focus will be on healthcare products and how to evaluate their impact on various stakeholders whether individual patients, family, health care providers, healthcare systems, or policy makers.  In addition to methods, the course also provides "the state of the art" in research and evaluation through the review of major completed studies. Case studies of recent programs and technologies will be used. This course is recommended for students who will be carrying out policy research, social science research, or program impact evaluation within health delivery systems as well as developing and implementing programs to improve healthcare outcomes.  Prerequisite: None.