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The mission of the Duke Institute for Health Innovation (DIHI) is to promote transformative innovation in health and healthcare, and to help cultivate a community of innovation and entrepreneurship across Duke University and the health enterprise. Our annual request for innovation applications is open to all faculty, staff, students, and trainees across Duke University and Duke University Health System and are due by 6 pm Friday, September 28, 2018. 

Proposed projects should address actual and important problems encountered by care providers, patients, and their loved ones in the Duke University Health System (DUHS), and represent urgent health challenges nationally. For the upcoming funding cycle, priority will be given to problems and solutions that are aligned with the following thematic areas:

  1. Preventing healthcare-acquired infections and enhancing quality and safety
  2. Population health and analytics
  3. Building resilience and well-being
  4. Enhanced transitions of care
  5. Novel Patient Interactions (engagement, education & experience)
  6. Team-based and new care models

The RFA will be open for submissions on August 15, 2018 and applications are due by 6 pm on Friday, September 28, 2018. If the DIHI team can be of any assistance in the formulation of ideas or connections, please contact Suresh Balu ( or Krista Whalen (

We look forward to receiving your innovative solutions.

Additional information about the RFA and the proposal template can be found here:  2019 DIHI RFA Info & Proposal Template

To apply:

  • Visit the MyResearchProposal website and click on “Create New User” (or log in if you already have an account). Proposals must be submitted under the Duke Principal Investigator’s name.
  • step-by-step user’s guide for applying via the MyResearchProposal software is available.
  • Enter Access Code ‘DIHI’ then select the “DIHI Innovation Pilots RFA 2019” opportunity and follow the instructions. 
  • For questions concerning MyResearchProposal passwords or system issues, please contact sends e-mail) or 919-668-4774.




August 2018

DIHI RFA open for submissions

September 28, 2018 (6 pm)

RFA due date

Week of Dec 14, 2018

All Applicants Notified

TBD (December)

Finalists’ workshops

February 13, 12-4:30 pm 

Finalists Present to Duke Leadership




2018 RFA Innovation Pilots

  1. Optimizing patient-reported outcomes data and workflows in Maestro (Team: Tom LeBlanc, MD, Kris Herring, PhD, Heather Burrell)
  2. Improving racial disparities in unmet palliative care needs among ICU family members with a needs-targeted app intervention (Team: Chris Cox, MD, Mary Key, MPH)
  3. Utilization of machine learning to read transthoracic echocardiograms: Project normal echocardiogram (Team: Angela Lowenstern, MD, Ricardo Henao, PhD, Michael Gao, MS, Sreek Vemullapalli, MD)
  4. Voices of Duke Health listening booth (Team: Anton Zuiker, MA, Karishma Sriram)
  5. High-value analyte ordering implementation across the Duke Health population (Team: Laura Roe, Susan Spratt, MD, Brian Griffith, MD, MMCi, Mike Datto, MD, PhD)
  6. Early identification of cardiac decompensation and cardiogenic shock (Team: Ajar Kochar, MD, Chet Patel, MD, Schuyler Jones, MD)
  7. Improving primary care access for residents and fellows through electronic visits (Team: Kevin Shah, MD, MBA, Casey Jones, MHA, Christelle Tan)
  8. Innovative predictive model to anticipate steroid-induced hyperglycemia and guide insulin regimens (Team: Ann McGhee, PharmD, Theresa Kline, PharmD, Morgan Simons, Joe Futoma, PhD, Tracy Setji, MD)
  9. RFID surgical instrument tracking and optimization of the operating room (Team: Patrick Codd, MD, Ian Hill, Josh Helmcamp)
  10. Patient-directed acoustic surveillance for LVAD complications (Team: Priyesh Patel, MD, Ravi Karra, MD, Boyla Mainsah, PhD, Leslie Collins, PhD)


2017 RFA Innovation Pilots

  1. Dashboard for aggressive treatment among oncology patients at the end of life (Team: Nrupen Bhavsar, PhD, David Casarett, MD, Yousef Zafar, MD, and Ben Goldstein, PhD)
  2. Optimization of perioperative care through machine learning (Team: Sandhya Lagoo-Deenadayalan, MD, PhD, Mitch Heflin, MD, Erich Huang, MD, PhD, Katherine Heller, PhD, Madhav Swaminathan, MD, Annemarie Thompson, MD, Zhifei Sun, MD, Katherine Stanley, MBA)
  3. Pallialytics: Using analytics to inform a palliative care population health management intervention (Team: Jonathan Fischer, MD, Eugenie Komives, MD, Cynthia Rudin, PhD, Leslie Calihman Alabi, Mark Sendak, Christina Crosby, Matthew Harker, MBA, MPH, Mary Schilder, Stephanie Brinson)
  4. Real-time cost transparency for providers and patients in value-based care environment (Team: David Attarian, MD, Ben Alman, MD, Chad Mather, MD)
  5. Improving inpatient goals of care conversations (Team: Kathryn Pollak, PhD, David Casarett, MD, Brian Griffith, MD)
  6. Rational coronary care unit triage for stable patients with NSTEMI (Team: Alexander Fanaroff, MD, Tracy Wang, MD, MHS, MS, Kristin Newby, MD, MHS, Manesh Patel, MD)
  7. Reducing Emergency Department length of stay through population-based predictive modeling (Team: Katherine Hobbs Knutson, MD, Ben Goldstein, PhD, and Fred Johnson, MBA)
  8. A population health approach to advance care planning in primary care (Team: Azalea Kim, MD, MBA, MPA, Lawrence Greenblatt, MD, FACP, Lynn Bowlby, MD, Jared Lowe, MD)


2016 RFA Innovation Pilots

Population Health and Analytics

Building a Virtual Medical Neighborhood for Chronic Kidney Disease in Duke Primary Care (Team: Blake Cameron, MD, and Kevin Shah, MD, MBA)

Implementation of a Duke-specific Early Warning System (Team: Cara O’Brien, MD, Armando Bedoya, MD, Meredith Clement, MD)

Implementation of a novel PSA screening algorithm (Team: Tom Polascik, MD, Raj Gupta, MD, John Anderson, MD, and Kevin Shah, MD, MBA)

Comprehensive Cardiac Device Safety System (Team: Emily Zeitler, MD, Jason Koontz, MD, Ruth Ann Greenfield, MD, and Kathy Brink RN, BSN)


Novel Patient Interactions

The GI Virtual Concierge: A Mobile Platform for Family Engagement (Team: Ziad Gellad, MD, MPH, Kelly Osborne, GCRN, BSN)

Project CALM: Personalized Music for Delirium Prevention (Team: Heidi White, MD, MHS, Med, Neema Sharda, MD, Shelley McDonald, DO, PhD, Loretta Matters, MSN, RN, and Judy Prewitt)

Mobile Complex Care Plans for Children with Medical Complexity (Team: David Ming, MD, Heather McLean, MD, Lisa Parnell, MD, MPH, Stephanie Smith, RN, BSN, MSN, and Valerie Jarrett, BS)

Using Endocrine Dashboard and Duke PillBox to improve medication adherence to tackle uncontrolled hypertension & glucose control in patients with diabetes (Team: Susan E. Spratt, MD and Bradi B Granger, MSN, PHD)


New and Team-Based Models of Care

A Three-Pronged Approach to Reducing HIV Transmission through Pre-Exposure Prophylaxis (PrEP) (Team: Meredith Clement, MD, Mehri McKeller, MD, N. Lance Okeke, MD, Kara McGee, and Jessica Seidelman, MD)

Piloting a New Intensive Primary Care (IPC) Model (Team: Lynn Bowlby, MD, Alex Cho, MD, MBA, Heather Hoecker, PA, and Marigny Manson, RN, BSN )

Cancer Distress Coach RCT (Team: Sophia Smith, PhD, Jon O’Donnell, MD, Bridget Koontz, MD, Nicole Nelson, MPH , Kiera Malloy, Jianhong Chang, PhD, Julia Hoffman, PhD, and Eric Kuhn, PhD)


Optimizing Patient Flow

Use of Tele-Medicine in the Emergency Department: A novel approach to help temporarily address unanticipated ED Surge (Team: Jessica Melton, Vice President Duke University Hospital Staff)


2015 RFA

Reducing Medical Complications and Improving Care Transitions

Implementation of a Surgeon-Led Operative Checklist (Team: Paul Mosca, MD, Sabino Zani, MD, Kara Penne, ANP, Samantha Kwan Verruto, PA-C & Adam Brys)

PCplanner app: operationalizing palliative care triggers in the ICU (Team: Christopher Cox, MD, Arif Kamal, MD, Jessica McFarlin, MD, Anthony Galanos, MD & Nicholas Wysham, MD)

Enhancing Transitional Care from Duke Hospital to Skilled Nursing Facilities and Minimizing 30-day Readmission Rates  (Team: Heidi White, MD and a team including Hospital Medicine, Nursing, and external Skilled Nursing Facilities)


Primary Care

Transforming Depression Care Management in Duke Medicine: The Collaborative Care Approach (Team:  Marvin Swartz, MD, Alex Cho, MD, Elizabeth Long, John Anderson, MD, Sarah Rivelli, MD, Genie McPeek Hinz, MD)

Diabetes Management – The Next Generation  (Team: Matthew Crowley, MD, Hayden Bosworth, PhD, Dave D’Alessio, MD, Dev Sangvai, MD, Alex Cho, MD, Kevin Shah, MD, Lynn Bowlby, MD, Mohammed Shahsahebi, MD)


Population Health and Analytics

Integrating Remote Wireless Technology to Reduce CHF & COPD Readmissions (Team:  Nicholas Wysham, MD, Jacob Kelley, MD, Zubin Eapen, MD & Christopher Cox, MD)

Machine Learning for Assessing & Managing Surgical Outcomes (Team:  Eric Huang, MD, Chris Mantyh, MD & Julie Thacker, MD, Katherine Heller, PhD, Joseph Futoma)

Duke Connected Care Chronic Kidney Disease Care Improvement Project (Team:  Genie Komives, MD, Dev Sangvai, MD, Christina Crosby, Daniel Costello, MPA, Todd Turnbill)

A Novel Mobile Health Intervention to Improve Health and Quality of Life Outcomes for Patients with Sickle Cell Disease (Team: Nirmish Shah, MD, Lindsay Anderson, MA & Sarah Leonard, MD)


2014 RFA

Breast Cancer (Team: Shelly Wang, MD, Kelly Marcom, MD)

Patient-Centered Home Transplant (Team: Nelson Chao, MD, Anthony Sung, MD)